Ánodo de titanio recubierto de iridio-tantalio para recubrimiento de cobre

Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode for Copper Plating:
Acid copper plating is a key foundation in creating high-quality Printed Circut Boards (PCBs).  Traditionally, the anode consists of soluble copper balls nestled in a titanium basket to transfer electrons, the circuit board is the cathode, where deposition of copper occurs. However, sludge created as a byproduct of copper-phos anodes and the ever-changing geometry/passivation loss of the anode itself requires extensive downtime to maintain and provides significant variations in plated copper, resulting in unpredictable copper deposits.

Parameter of the Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode:
Anode material: Titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
Coating: Iridium tantalum+X;
Current density: 100-300A/m2;
Service life: 1-3 years.

Fewer impurities;
Good distributions of copper plated on the surface;
High quality copper deposit;
Increased production capacity;
Elimination replenishment maintenance;
Tailor-made service is available.
This Insoluble anodes of Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode for Copper Plating, due to a stable geometry, the distribution and reliability of the copper deposit become tighter and more predictable. Additionally, the routine maintenance needed with soluble anodes is reduced with insoluble anodes. Insoluble anodes also eliminate the need to remove contaminants from the soluble anode sludge. This eliminates the need to have pre-production plating requirements after extended periods of downtime, resulting in quick process startup.

Application of Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode :
Copper electroplating;
Metal electrowinning;
Precious metal plating;
Copper foil production;
Heavy metal ion wastewater treatment.

UTron manufacture mixed metal oxide (MMO) insoluble titanium anode for copper plating of printed circuit boards by thermally deposited method, the electrocatalytic coating is specifically formulated for PCB plating, it maintains bath organic composition stability and thus achieves full cathode plating characteristics and is not consumed by the overall reaction and thus is dimensionally stable in plating service. This MMO insoluble anode can operate at higher current densities can improve throughput by reducing plating times and, with appropriate organic additives, provides enhanced control to achieve target thickness and distribution.

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