Ánodo de titanio recubierto de iridio para recubrimiento de cobre de pulso inverso de PCB

Iridium Coated Titanium Anode for PCB Reverse Pulse Copper Plating

PCB copper reverse pulse plating improves throwing power, particularly in high aspect ratio products. It can operate at similar or higher current densities compared to conventional DC in a vertical mode of operation and at a significantly higher current density in horizontal.

Anode material: Titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
Coating: Iridium, tantalum+X;
Electroyte: Sulfate;
Current density: 500-800A/m2;
Temperature: 20-45℃;
Service life: 1-2 years.

Custom coating for reverse pulse plating;
Long service lifetime;
High current efficiency performance;
Exceptional copper thickness uniformity;
Excellent throwing power;
Tailor-made service is available.

Iridium Coated Titanium Anode for PCB Reverse Pulse Copper Plating Application:
Copper Plating of Printed Circut Boards;
Horizontal Electroplating;
Industrial acid copper plating;
Precious metal plating.

Copper anodes are frequently used as pellets or balls which produce particulate matter which must be filtered from the solution since the plating solution requires to remain free of such anode debris. To solve this problem, the soluble copper anode should be replaced by an insoluble anode, like a dimensional stable anode (DSA). DSA anode is generally composed of titanium substrate coated with a layer of noble metals like iridium, tantalum, ruthenium, or other platinum groups of precious metals.
UTron manufacture iridium coated titanium anode for PCB reverse pulse copper plating which can operate under high current densities but not get passivated. It is fabricated with custom coating and a special technique that enables homogeneous current output and long service life.

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