Electrodo de titanio recubierto de MMO (RuO2) para degradación y decoloración

MMO (RuO2) Coated Titanium Electrode for Degradation and Decolorization

Electrochemical processes are considered a very effective method for decolorization and decontamination of wastewater from textile and dyes industries. The electrode is a crucial part of the electrochemical process. The right choice of an electrode material makes the process very effective and improves its efficiency because the mechanism driven by the process as well as the degradation product depends upon the anode material. High efficiency and high stability are the most desirable properties of electrodes.
Mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated titanium electrodes are titanium based electrodes containing conductive metal oxide coating. These electrodes have some desirable properties such as high surface area, high electrical and mechanical strength and excellent electro-catalytic properties and performed good oxidation of pollutants.

UTron manufacture MMO (RuO2) coated titanium electrode for degradation and decolorization adopts precious metals such as ruthenium, iridium, platinum, etc brush coated on titanium substrate and sintered. It has been proven to be effective for the degradation and decolorization of organic pollutants.
Electrode material: Titanium in Grade 1;
Coating: MMO(RuO2+IrO2+Platin+X);
Coating thickness: 2-15 micron;
Current density: 50mA/cm2;
Electrolyte in solution: NaCl;
Lifespan:2-5 years.

Strong oxidation capability;
Effective degradation and decolorization capacity;
Long lifespan;
Nanoscale coating with better durability and adhesion;
Custom service available.

Industrial effluent electrochemical treatment;
Electrochemical ammonia removal;
Landfill leachate electrochemical treatment;
Paper wastewater electrochemical treatment;
Advanced oxidation process.


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