Electrodo MMO de titanio para tratamiento electroquímico de agua

Titanium MMO Electrode for Electrochemical Water Treatment

MMO electrodes, referred to as Dimensionally Stable Anodes (DSA), comprise a family of electrodes made from commercially pure titanium to which thermal decomposition applies an electrocatalytic layer. The electrocatalytic layers are composed of a mixture of noble and valve metal oxides, like RuO2, IrO2, Ta2O5, Platinum, or PtO2 the selection of which and their ratio is dictated by the electrolyte conditions in which the anode is immersed. This titanium MMO electrode is stable and has high conductivity and corrosion resistance for use as an anode in the electrochemical water treatment field, such as the production of chlorine, sodium chlorate, and sodium hypochlorite.
The titanium MMO electrode for electrochemical water treatment UTron manufactures is constructed of a titanium substrate and a special mixed metal oxide coating, which can improve the longevity and efficacy of the anodes against the corrosion of the electrolysis process. This titanium MMO electrode significantly reduced the anode overpotential and therefore the cell voltage, allowing improved cell designs to be introduced, reducing the interelectrode gap to further lower the cell voltage and provide higher efficiencies for chlorine production.
Base Material: Pure titanium in Gr1 or Gr2;
Coating: Ruthenium iridium; Iridium tantalum, Platinum, Lead dioxide or custom; 
Coating Thickness 10~40 μm or custom;
Shape: Plate, mesh, rod or custom;
Life span: 2-5 years;

Lower cell voltage and overpotential;
Stable in performance and dimension;
Strong catalytic activity;
High corrosion resistance;
Long service life;
Tailor-made service is available.

Seawater Desalination
Electro Chlorination;
Cooling water anti-biofouling;
Seawater electrolysis;
Salt pool chlorinators;

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