Electrodos de titanio recubiertos de Ru-Ir para la generación de hipoclorito

Ru-Ir Coated Titanium Electrodes for hypochlorite generating
The Electrolyzer generally divided into concentric Tubular Electrolyzers (CTE) and Parallel Plate Electrolyzer (PPE), the former is for small to medium size seawater system, and the latter is for large capacity system. Both electrolyzers are built up with MMO (mixed metal oxide) coated titanium anodes and titanium cathodes for the sake of Corrosion-resistant, long service life, low energy consumption and easy maintenance characters. 
Substrate Material: titanium Gr1/Gr2;
Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide (Ru,Ir,+X);
Effective chlorine output:10-3000g/h/unit
Shape: Plate;
Size: Customized;
Operating Life: 7-10 years;

Features of Titanium Electrodes for hypochlorite generating:
Reverse Polarity (Reduced Electrode Cleaning Maintenance);
Superior Coating of Electrodes Extends Electrode Life;
Self-cleaning cell design eliminates any requirement for acid cleaning;
De-scaling maintenance: Require regular acid washing to remove calcium and magnesium deposits.
titanium mesh with ruthenium coating
titanium electrodes with ru-ir coating
   UTron is a professional titanium electrodes manufacturer for decades. After years reach, UTron has develop a nano scale multi-layers of mixed metal oxide coating, which includes Ruthenium, Iridium, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium and Tantalum totally six elements. They are proved to increased performance over conventional materials by maximize catalytic phases and surface area interactions. This high density coating technology allows for very thin layers to be deposited increasing cost effectiveness. The Mixed Metal Oxide Coated substrate will undergo multiple thermal treatments at elevated temperatures. This process will achieve very good bonding properties between the mixed metal oxides coating and the substrates. The titanium substrate can be recoated and conductivity and catalytic activity like the new cell anodes.


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