Ánodo de malla de titanio platinado para la producción de hidrógeno por electrólisis del agua

Hydrogen production by Electrolysed water is an important means to realize industrial production of H2, which is a feasible and mature hydrogen production technology. The core part of the Electrolysis of water hydrogen production equipment is the electrolytic cell. When the current passes between the electrodes of the electrolytic cell, hydrogen is generated on the cathode and oxygen is generated on the anode.
The electrode material is the key to the Electrolysed water hydrogen production cell. The electrode performance largely determines the Electrolysis of water efficiency, cell voltage and energy consumption, and directly affects the cost. Therefore, it is very important to select suitable electrode materials to improve the electrolysis efficiency in Electrolysis of water process.

According to the characteristics of Electrolysed water hydrogen production industry, UTRON has developed and produced Platinum plated titanium mesh anode for hydrogen production by water electrolysis, which can withstand high current density, have strong corrosion resistance and high electro catalytic activity after adjustment of coating formula.
Platinum plated Titanium Anodes for hydrogen production by water electrolysis
Base Material: Titanium in Gr1/Gr2;
Coating: Platinum;
Coating Area: Double Side and connection stem;
Platinum Coating Thickness: 0.5-20 micron;
Plate Type: Solid Plates, Slotted plates,Titanium fiber felt, hybrid Drilled Plates, mesh or customize;

High current efficiency and good electrocatalytic activity
Proprietary Electroplating Technique Optimizes Ionization;
withstand high current density.

 hydrogen production by water electrolysis;
Brown's Gas (HHO) generator;
Alkaline/acidic water ionizer;
Hydrogen-rich Water bottle;

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