Ánodo tubular MMO

MMO Tubular Anode

MMO Tubular anode is easy to install since no breakage or damage while installation, it is of high current capacity per anode. MMO tubular anode can use for the soil, fresh water, sea water and mud, or the other natural environments’ cathodic protection alone or make it a string.

UTron’s MMO tubular anodes are fabricated of seamless titanium tubes which meet standard of ASTM B338 in Grade 1 or Grade 2 quality. MMO coating is consisting of Precious Mixed Metal Oxides IrO2-x and Ta2O5; it has been proven to have a good performance within the design life. The coating thicknesses are designed base on application environment and tested by X-Ray and the life span are verifying by acceleration life test which conducts in UTron’s test laboratory for each batch of goods. The MMO tubular anodes manufactured by UTron have been tested by USA third party test laboratory according to NACE standard TM0108-2008, the test result turned out to be very excellent. The tubular anode can be made singly or in strings, the substrates, various anode available as requested.
MMO Tubular Anode Parameter:
Titanium Substrate:
Meet ASTM standard B338 Grade 1 or Grade2.
For Fresh water, Calcined petroleum Coke application:
Diámetro de los ánodos Largura Salida de corriente Vida útil del diseño
19 milímetros 1200mm 7A 20 años
25 mm 500 mm 4A 20 años
25 mm 1000mm 8A 20 años
25 mm 1200mm 10A 20 años
25 mm 1500mm 12A 20 años
32 milímetros 1200mm 12A 20 años
Para aplicaciones de agua de mar:
Diámetro Largura Salida de corriente Vida útil del diseño
19 milímetros 1200mm 43A 20 años
25 mm 500 mm 24A 20 años
25 mm 1000mm 47A 20 años
25 mm 1200mm 57A 20 años
25 mm 1500mm 71A 20 años
32 milímetros 1200mm 72A 20 años
Densidad de corriente de diseño bajo diferentes electrolitos:
Electrólitos Densidad máxima de corriente de diseño A/M2 Vida esperada
Relleno carbonoso 50 20 años
Coque de petróleo calcinado 100 20 años
Agua dulce 100 20 años
Agua de mar 600 20 años
Lodo 100-300 20 años

Tubular Anode Cable Selection:
PVDF, HMWPE, HALAR, XLPE, PVC or KYNAR are all optional,
UTron recommends dual-insulated cable, such as PVDF/HMWPE cable for use where anodes operate in grounded high in chlorides - resulting in chlorines gas generation. Where chlorides are not anticipated, such as shallow vertical and horizontal surface beds, an economical cable choice is HMWPE.  The high current capacity (150 amps) and flexibility of the Exane Rig cable makes it ideal for seawater applications.

High current output and low electrical resistance;
Using tubular anodes can save 15-35% of install cost comparing to use other anodes;
Anode-cable assemblies are easy to handle, transport and install because of their unique flexibility;
Tubular anode cable is easy to handle, transport and install because of flexibility;
Lower cost per amp;
Guaranteed electrical contract and moisture seal integrity;
Consistently low resistance anode;

MMO Tubular Anode Applications:
Ground beds: (Deep, Shallow or open hole);
Sea Water;
Brackish Water;
Fresh Water;
Working Environment: Including soil, carbonaceous backfill, fresh water, brackish water, and seawater.
Ordering Information:

When ordering tubular anodes from UTron, please specify the following:
• Anode Type (for example, length, diameter…).
• Number of anodes per string.
• Center-to-center spacing between anodes along the cable.
• Cable tail length (above the top anode).
• Total cable length (sum of lengths of anodes, spaces and tail).
• Current output.
• Number of centralizers required and hole size.


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