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Titanium Anode Rod for Water Heater

Anodes in a water heater are divided into sacrificial anode rods and titanium anode rods. A sacrificial anode rod is an exposed metal rod that is inserted into the water heater. It is designed to corrode slowly over time. The sacrificial anode is made from either magnesium, aluminum, or zinc. The lifespan of sacrificial anodes varies greatly based on local water conditions and quality. Annual inspection and replacement for sacrificial anode rods are recommended. In areas with sulfides in the water, there is a reaction with magnesium anodes which creates hydrogen sulfide gas that creates a rotten egg smell in the water. In areas with high conductivity water, aluminum anodes are depleted too quickly, leaving the tank unprotected.

Titanium Anode Rod for Water Heater also known as powered anode rod, introduces an electrical current into the water heater to prevent corrosion. They don't corrode and replacement regularly as sacrificial anode rods do. It provides consistent protection that extends the life of your water heater tank. Since no chemicals are added to the water as with sacrificial anodes, powered anodes will not create smelly water or aluminum hydroxide. In fact, some titanium anode rods can last for decades.

Anode material: Titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
Anode rod diameter: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,30mm or customize;
Rod length: 100-500mm or customize;
Thread:1/2" NPT; 3/4"NPT or customize;
Coating:Mixed metal oxide;
Coating area: Customize;
Lifespan: Over 20 years.

UTron manufacture Titanium Anode Rod for Water Heater which is a long-term solution to preventing sulfide smells (that rotten egg smell) produced by well water. With over 20 years of lifespan, you don't need to replace the anode rod at all.

Features of the Titanium Anode Rod for Water Heater:
Get rid of any sulfur smell;
Protects for years;
No maintenance required;
Easy installation;
Great for softened water applications;

Water Heater;
Water tank;
Heat exchangers;
Water pumps;

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