Ánodo de sonda de titanio MMO

MMO titanium probe anode for cathodic protection is an effective solution for protection the internal surfaces , it adopts MMO or platinum coated solid titanium rod can be operated in high voltage without breaking down.
UTron manufacture mixed metal oxide probe anodes(MMO Titanium Probe Anode) and platinum coated probe anode rod. They are composed of titanium rods coated with a layer of mixed metal oxide or platinum coating. This probe anodes can withstand water turbulence without damage, the coating is immune to abrupt current reversals, and may be exposed to high-current overloads for initial structure polarization without causing harm to the anode.They have been found to be resistant to acid attack and deliver superior protection in fresh, brackish, or saltwater. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Parameter of titanium probe anode:
Anode diameter: 6.4mm, 12.7mm or customize;
Anode material: titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
Coating: Mixed metal oxide or platinum;
Service Life: Over 20 years.
Ánodo de sonda de titanio recubierto de MMO Ánodo de sonda chapado en platino

Advanced sealing with multiple layers of protection that prevents any possible leakage;
100% tested for sealing and electrical resistance integrity;
Enhanced anode element reinforcement offers improved dielectric isolation;
Available in MMO and platinum coating;
Output and lifespan can be increased upon request;
Tailor-made sizes available;

Heat exchangers;
Condenser water boxes;
Pump housings;
Pressure vessels;
Water pumps;
Waterfront structures;
Internal surfaces of pipelines;
Other aqueous processing tanks.


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