Ánodo de titanio recubierto de MMO para galvanoplastia de metal

MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Metal Electroplating

In electroplating industry, the metal to be plated is dissolved in the electrolyte and the object to be plated is cathodically polarised. With the anodically polarised anodes, the electrical loop is closed. The counter reaction in the plating bath is oxygen evolution at the anode surface.

Anodes used in electroplating divided into soluble anode and insoluble anode.For soluble anode, such as graphite anode and lead anode, lead dissolving in the electrolyte introduced additional hazardous substances such as lead chromate and lead oxide into the electroplating line. The inter electrode gap increase when graphite anode slowly dissolves, it significantly affects the product quality constant and cell voltage.

UTron has design a novel Nano-sized Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anode for electroplating, its remains constant inter electrode gap throughout the design life. This maintains constant voltage and product quality.  It is proven to have lower anodic operating potentials, which is helpful for energy saving. The titanium substrate is possible to be used, when the anode coating has reached its operating life, UTron can offer recoating service after cleaning. 
Anode material: Titanium;
Coating: Iridium, platinum and other Mixed Metal Oxide;  
Coating thickness: 0.1 µm to several hundred µm, customizable;
Shape: Mesh, plate, sheet, tube, rod or customize;
Operating life: 3 years or customize.

Various shapes and sizes are available, including plates, rods and mesh;
Recovery and re-plating service available;
Superior corrosion resistance;
Uniform current distribution;
Superior catalytic nature;
Good thermal conductivity;
High mechanical stability;
No breakdown products build-up.
MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Metal Electroplating Applications:
Electro galvanising (zinc plating), including steel strip plating;
Precious metal plating;
Hard chromium plating (gold, silver, palladium, etc.);
Copper plating, copper foil production and copper foil treatment;
PCB copper plating;
Rotogravure plating.

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