Generador de cloro salino autolimpiante para piscina

Self Clean Salt Chlorinator for pool
A salt cell in pool chlorinators is part of the system that actually converts Salt (NaCl) to Chlorine. As the chlorinator cell produces chlorine, scale develops on the metallic grids decreasing its performance. The salt chlorine generator for pool is cleaned by submerging in a mild acid solution until the scale that has developed has dissolved. Cleaning the cell too frequently or using an acid solution that is too concentrated will prematurely erode the coating off the titanium grids, and thus rendering the cell useless.
Parameters of Titanium Salt Chlorinator :
Chlorine output: 10-100 grams/hour; 
Salt levels: 2600-3500 PPM;
Number of plates: 6, 7, 9 or customized;
Plate length: 82mm, 160mm, 165mm or customized;
Electrode material: Grade1 Titanium;
Electrode coating: ruthenium oxide or iridium oxide coating;
Electrode shape: Solid titanium plate;
Connection: parallel or series;
Housing: High Impact Clear Housing;
Operating life: 5-8 years;
Warranty: 5 Years.

Self cleaning by Auto Reverse; 
Low cell current;
Long life titanium plates;
High performance titanium electrolytic cell;
Easy to set & operate;
No need for re-plumbing, direct fitting part.

salt chlorine generator for pool

In-Ground Spas; 
Commercial Water Purification Systems;
Residential In-Ground Pools;
Sodium hypochlorite generator;
Other disinfection equipment.

Below are some questions for ordering a salt cell:
1. Size&number of Anodes plates
2. Paralle or series connection?
3. Life request for the anodes cell?
4. Confirm will work in 5% salt water?
5. Any request on Chlorine rate?

  UTron manufactures self clean generador de cloro salino para piscina which has the ability to reverse the polarity of the voltage to clean calcium build-up off its electrodes. It consists of a series of titanium electrodes coated with ruthenium oxide or iridium oxide coating. The electrodes work alternatively as a cathode or an anode to the purpose of eliminating the incrustations of carbonate of calcium and magnesium which form on the surface. This continuous reversing of polarity will keep the cell clean and provide the chemical balance and flow of the pool water thru the cell is maintained within normal parameters.

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