Ánodo de titanio recubierto de MMO para celda de electroobtención de zinc

MMO Coated Titanium Anode for Zinc Electrowinning Cell

Conventional lead silver alloys are predominantly used in the zinc electrowinning, due to their cost efficiency and long-term stability at high current densities and in aggressive environments; however, their drawbacks include high over potential and the possibility of cathode contamination are worth considering.
The Oxide Coated Catalytic Anodes are considered to improve cathodic zinc purity and decrease cell voltage during zinc electrowinning. Considering the Ti substrate and its coatings such as IrO2 and Ta2O5 coatings, the composites of OCAs have low over potentials 400–500 mV less than Pb-Ag anode.

UTron has designed a novel mixed metal oxide coated titanium anode comprising Nano iridium ruthenium oxide in combination with amorphous tantalum oxide matrix for zinc electro winning, in which the anodic reaction is oxygen evolution in acidic solutions. This coated titanium anode observably lower cell voltage, and the anodic deposition of MnOOH or CoOOH known as the unwanted side reaction of zinc electrowinning can be also suppressed on the amorphous IrO 2 based or RuO 2based coating.
Anode Material: Titanium;
Coating: iridium, tantalum, ruthenium, + X;
Electrolyte solution: chlorides, sulphate, or mixed;  
Current Density: 100—800A/M2;
Operating Life: 5 years.

Low cell voltage;
Clean operation;
Less by products;
Longer operating life;
Energy saving.
Electro winning of copper, cobalt, nickel, chromium, zinc and other metals;
Electro winning Pilot Plant;
Metal recovery from waste water systems;

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