Electrolizador electroquímico tubular para el tratamiento de aguas residuales

This electrocatalytic oxidation Tubular electrochemical electrolyzer for wastewater treatment utilizes electrocatalytic oxidation reduction technology to treat organic matter in various types of wastewater, degrade COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, etc., without chemical agents.
Basic Introduction of Tubular electrochemical electrolyzer for wastewater treatment:
1. The electrodes group is independently produced, and the anode plate uses industrial grade pure titanium as the substrate. The multi precious metal oxide coating has a confidential formula and good corrosion resistance; The cathode plate adopts pure titanium plate; The conductive plate and column are made of stainless steel;
2. The shell of theTubular electrochemical electrolyzer for wastewater treatment is made of PVC, PP or organic glass materials, or other suitable materials are selected according to customer needs;
3. This Tubular electrolyzer can be used as one module or multiple series connections.

Partial technical parameters:
1. Current density used: ≤1000a/m2
2.Water treatment capacity: 1-10m3/h, other specifications can be redesigned and customized
3. Service life: 2years,3years or>3years
3. For power configuration and other parameters, please contact the contact person or inquire online for details

1. Simple design, reasonable structure, and easy maintenance;
2. Raw materials are selected according to the characteristics of Industrial wastewater treatment;
3. After sales service is guaranteed. If there are any problems, adjust the plan at any time and provide maintenance technical support.

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