Ánodo de malla de tianio con óxido de rutenio recubierto para efluentes farmacéuticos de electrooxidación

Tianium mesh Anode with Ruthenium Oxide Coated  for Electrooxidation Pharmaceutical Effluent

Pharmaceutical industry effluents are usually characterized by high BOD and COD, which are highly toxic to biological life. Electrooxidation, which relies on the generation of very reactive hydroxyl radicals has been used to decontaminate pharmaceutical wastewater and has proven to be an effective manner.

Dimensionally stable anodes (DSA) have been used for the oxidation of solutions containing non-biodegradable organics in pharma effluents. These DSA anodes are titanium based anodes coated with a variety of oxide materials such as iro2, ru2, and sno2. DSA with ruo2-tio2 coated titanium has been used widely and successfully as an anode for Chlor-alkali production and electro-oxidation of wastewater due to its good electrocatalytic activity. Particularly, ruo2 is a good electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution.

UTron manufacture DSA  Anode ruthenium oxide coated for electrooxidation pharmaceutical effluent by thermal decomposition procedure and the sintering temperatures at 550°C. This ruthenium oxide titanium anode shows excellent stability, and electrocatalytic properties and prevents titanium passivation by the oxide coating. A further advantage is stable anatase RuO2 coating on the titanium substrate results in the formation of a greater number of active sites for enhanced pharmaceutical effluent electro-oxidation.

Tianium mesh Anode with Ruthenium Oxide Coated Parameter:
Anode material: Titanium in Grade 1 or2;
Coating: Ruthenium Oxide;
Coating thickness: 2-15 micron;
Electrolyte: Chloride;
Service life: 1-3 Years.

High COD removal rate;
Efficient redox behavior;
Efficient electro-oxidation performance;
Nanoscale coating with better durability and adhesion;
Custom service available.

Electrochemical ammonia removal;
Industrial effluent electrochemical treatment;
Landfill leachate electrochemical treatment;
Paper wastewater electrochemical treatment;
Degradation and decolorization.

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