Electrodo de titanio recubierto de óxido de rutenio para desinfección electroquímica del agua de lastre

Ruthenium Oxide Coated Titanium Electrode for Ballast Water Electrochemical Disinfection

Electrochemical is an efficient method for ballast water treatment, it inactivates and removes various living organisms and pathogens from water. Electrochemical disinfection uses suitable electrode materials to create a direct current (DC) electric field that flows the water and inactivates microorganisms. More importantly, electrochemical disinfection can produce oxidizing species in situ that would not require the storage and transport of chemicals.

Selecting a proper anodic material is essential in the electrochemical process since it affects the process efficiency and the formation of electroactive chlorine species (e.g., HClO, ClO−, Cl2) that would be generated when chloride salts are present.

UTron manufacture ruthenium oxide coated titanium electrode for ballast water electrochemical disinfection, which is comprised of a titanium substrate coated with platinum group precious metal. It performs higher efficiency in generating chlorine species and better disinfection dosage that allow the process to be operated at a lower voltage range and decreased energy consumption. The surface morphology of the ruthenium oxide titanium electrode clearly showed a rough surface morphology with several muddy cracks on the coated electrode. The presence of the cracks increases the surface area of the anode and increases the number of active sites exposed.
Electrode substrate: Titanium in Grade 1 or 2;
Coating: RuO2-TiO2;
Coating thickness: 3-15 micron;
Current density: 0.3-3.0 mA/cm2;
NaCl concentration: Service life: 2-5 years.

Excellent conductivity;
High electrocatalytic activity;
Exceptional stability;
Low energy consumption;
Tailor-made service is available.

Electrochemical degradation of organic pollutants;
Electrochemical ammonia removal;
Industrial effluent electrochemical treatment;
Brine water Electro-Chlorination.

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