Placa de ánodos de titanio recubiertos de MMO para proceso de electrogalvanizado

MMO Coated Titanium Anodes Plate for Electro-galvanising Process

In the electrogalvanizing process, a zinc layer is applied using an electric current. A zinc electrolyte bath equipped with two electrodes is utilized - an anode and the steel parts to be galvanized as a cathode, to which current is applied. MMO-coated titanium anodes have applied in this process for their high corrosion resistance and excellent conductive character. UTron had provided MMO coated titanium anodes plate for electro-galvanising process to their Brazil customer. Below is some parameter for reference:

Anode Material: Titanium;
Anode Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide;
Shape: Plate:
Dimension: 1714x85x10;
Mounting Holes: Match as provided in the attached drawing;
Application: Electro-galvanising Process;
Export Country: Brazil.

UTron is a pioneer MMO coated titanium anode factory in China. It has a team of expert engineers with rich solution and production experience, who can custom the MMO coating, anode service life, dimension and so on to meet your specific need. They titanium anodes have been exported to 62 countries in the world and applied in plating, water treatment, cathodic protection, electrowinning and other fields. Welcome to contact us for details.

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