Ánodo MMO tubular de titanio con cable

Tubular Titanium MMO Anode with Cable

Ánodos tubulares MMO have have proven to operate effectively in all types of environments, including areas with extremely low pH level and high level chloride  concentration.Their tubular configuration provides a larger surface area, which in turn permits greater current output and lower anode to earth resistance.The tubular style also means lead wire connections can be made in the centre of the anode. Ánodo tubular MMO fabricado por UTron con cable to Oman clients for cathodic protection in sea water, below is some parameter for reference:
Diameter: 25mm;
Length: 1000mm;
Current Output: 8A;
Operating Life: 25 years.

UTron is a top MMO anode manufacturer in China, they can customize MMO anode to meet your specific needs. For the past decades, their products have enjoyed a good reputation among clients.


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