Ánodo tubular desnudo de ánodo de pozo profundo

Deep Well Anode Bare Tubular Anode
MMO tubular anodes can be used for the deep well field to protect storage tank bottoms, pipelines, and other underground structures. They can be used either singularly or in strings, their unique configuration makes them ideal for use in strings on offshore platforms or in deep ground beds. In addition, the string anodes  can be installed parallel to transmission pipelines, or used for other special applications. UTron had provided deep well anode bare tubular anode for their  
Saudi Arabia clients’ oil pipeline cathodic protection projects. Below is some parameter for reference:
Substrate: Titanium ASTM B338 Grade 1;
Coating IrO2/Ta2O5;
Diameter 25mm;
Length 1000mm;
Wall Thickness 0.90mm;
Output Current: 8A;  
Service Life: 20 Years;
Application: Pipeline cathodic protection;
Export Country: Saudi Arabia.

UTron can offer MMO tubular anode with or without cable tail, the service life, length, output current are all customizable. It has over 14 years production experiences of titanium electrodes, MMO anodes and their products have been export to over 62 countries in the world.


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