25 mm de diámetro MMO Tubular 8A en suelo

25 mm Diameter MMO Tubular 8A in Soil
Ánodo tubular MMO is a titanium tube coated with an activated mixed metal oxide coating; it is mainly used in cathodic protection fields. UTron manufactured 25 mm diameter MMO tubular 8A in soil work environment for its Turkey customer. Below are some parameters for reference.
Substrate: Titanium;
Coating: Mixed metal oxide;
Tubular Diameter: 25 mm;
Length: 1000 mm;
Current Density: 100 Ampere per m2;
Working Environment: Soil;
Cable: Kynar;
Cable Length: 5 Meter;
Service Life: 20 years;
Export Country: Turkey.

UTron have exportedTubular MMO to many countries over world. They have 14 years production experience and more than 30 years technical background. Their products are proven of high quality by their worldwide clients. They can provide Third Party test if required.


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