Electrolizador de titanio 2000 g / h para planta de electrocloración de agua de mar

Titanium Electrolyzer 2000g/h for Seawater Electro Chlorination Plant

The electrochlorination process in seawater results in a sodium hypochlorite solution that is highly effective for biofouling purposes, it can prevent the adhesion of marine organisms such as microorganisms and shellfish. The seawater electrolysis process happens in an electrolyzer where a direct current is introduced to the seawater by means of positively charged anodes and negatively charged cathodes housed within the cells. At the anode, chlorides in the seawater are electrolyzed into chlorine gas. UTron provided titanium electrolyzer 2000g/h to USA clients for seawater electro chlorination plant. Below is some parameter for reference:

Capacity: 2000g/h;
Electrolyzer: 2 sets of 2000g/h titanium electrolyser;
Operating life: 7 years;
Housing: UPVC;
Current density: 1000-1500a/m2;
Export country: USA. 

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