Celda de titanio 50gh para clorador de piscina de sal

Titanium Cell 50gh for Salt Pool Chlorinator

The cell in a salt pool chlorinator is the component that converts salt into chlorine; it generally consists of a series of titanium electrodes. UTron had provided titanium cell 50g/h for salt pool chlorinator to their clients in South Africa. Below is some parameter for reference:

Chlorine Output hr: 50g/hr;
Salt concentration: 5000 ppm;
Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Ruthenium iridium;
Housing: Transparent acrylic;
Operating Life: 12000 hours;
Application: Salt pool chlorinator;
Export Country: South Africa.

UTron is an ISO certified titanium cell, titanium electrodes manufacturer in China. Their products have been exported to 62 countries in the world since 2006. It has professional engineer team, who can customize the coating, operating life, dimension etc. to meet clients’ specific needs. Welcome to contact us.


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