Electrolizador de titanio con carcasa para generador de hipoclorito de sodio

Electrolizador de titanio con carcasafor Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Titanium electrolyser is an important part forgenerador de hipoclorito de sodio. UTron provided titanium electrolysers with housing for sodium hypochlorite generator to its Egypt client for water disinfection purpose. Below is some parameter for reference.
  Production capacity: 100 g/hour;
Housing: Transparent acrylic;
Concentration: 0.8%;
Current Density: 1600A/m2;
Electrode Material: Titanium;
Coating: Ruthenium oxide;
PH: 8.5;
Application: Water disinfection.

UTron is a professional titanium electrode manufacturer with more than 18 years production experience. They have an expert engineer team with rich technical experience; they can design electrolyser and custom the coating, operating life as per your specific need.

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