Varilla de ánodo de titanio recubierta de MMO para celda cilíndrica de electroobtención en Rusia

MMO Coated Titanium Anodes Rod for Cylindrical Electrowinning Cell
The electrowinning process is significantly affected by the electrode material.The dimensionally stable anodes (DSAs) performed excellent corrosion resistance, low cell voltage and high quality cathode purity in electrowinning process compared with lead alloy anode. Dimensionally stable anodes consist of mixed metal oxide coatings, usually on titanium substrates. The oxides that can be used in the oxide coatings include tantalum oxide (Ta2O5), iridium oxide (IrO2), ruthenium dioxide (RuO2) and tin oxide (SnO2). UTron provided Varilla de ánodos de titanio recubierta de MMO para electroobtención cilíndricacell to clients in Russia. Below is some parameter for reference:
Electrode Substrate: Titanium; 
Coating: Mixed metal oxide; 
Shape: Rod; 
Outer diameter: 86mm;
Length: 600mm;
Current density: 0.7 A/dm2;
Application: Metal recovery; 
Export country: Russia. 

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