Electrodo de malla de titanio MMO de grado 1 para ganar plata electro

MMO Titanium Mesh Electrode  Grade 1 for Silver Electro winning

Silver electrowinning is electrodeposition of silver from ores via electrolysis process,a current is passed from an inert anode through a liquid leach solution containing the silver and the silver is deposited on the cathode.MMO coated titanium electrode is used for this process because it can improve the cathode production efficiency, since no sludge generated and lead free. UTron had provided MMO titanium mesh electrode Grade 1 for silver electro winning to their Indonesia customer.Below is some parameter for reference:

Electrode Substrate: Titanium in Grade 1;
Electrode Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide;
Electrode Shape: Mesh;
Dimension: Mesh;
Service Life: 2 years;
Application: Silver electro winning;
Exported Country: Indonesia.

UTron is leading MMO coated titanium electrode manufacturer with over 14 years production experiences. Their products have been used in cathodic protection, water treatment, electroplating, electrowinning and other fields. With expert engineers, they can customize the MMO coating, service life, current output to meet customer’s specific requirement. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

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