Ánodo de cinta MMO y barra conductora de titanio para estructuras de hormigón armado

MMO Ribbon Anode and Titanium Conductor Bar for Reinforced Concrete Structures 

MMO ribbon anodes are made using titanium substrates coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst. The catalyst is applied by multiple thermal processes to form an extremely chemical resistant bond, this MMO coating can enhance the conductive properties of the anode and while the titanium is inherently stable, therefore brings superior performance. MMO ribbon anode usually combined with titanium conductor bar is designed to evenly distribute current to impress current cathodic protection systems.

UTron provided MMO ribbon anode and titanium conductor bar to client in United Arab Emirates for reinforced concrete structures cathodic protection. Below is some parameter for reference:
Width: 6.35mm;
Thickness: 0.635mm;
Length: 152m;
Current Output: 43 mA/m;
Operating Life: 50 Years.

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