Ánodo tubular MMO Diámetro 25 mm Longitud 1000 mm

MMO Tubular Anode Diameter 25 mm Length 1000 mm
MMO tubular anode is widely used for pipeline cathodic protection in oil gas field for the sake of its extremely low consumption rate and long operating life.
UTron have provided MMO tubular anode diameter 25 mm length 1000 mm to its UAE customer. Below is some parameter for reference.

Substrate: Titanium;
Coating: Iridium tantalum;
Tubular Diameter: 25 mm;
Length: 1000 mm;
Cable: Kynar;
Operating Life: 20 years;
Application: Oil gas cathodic protection;
Export Country: The United Arab Emirates.

UTron has manufactured MMO tubular anodes for over 14 years, their tubular anodes has passed Saudi Aramco test and proved of high quality. Their MMO tubular are enjoying good reputation in Middle East, America and other countries.

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