Electrolizador de titanio 500 g / h para tratamiento de aguas residuales hospitalarias

Titanium Electrolyzer 500g/h for Hospital Sewage Treatment

Titanium electrolyzer is a significant component for s sodium hypochlorite generator, which is widely used in hospital sewage treatment, electrochlorination, disinfection etc. UTron provided titanium electrolyzers to its’ Serbia client for hospital sewage treatment application. Below is some parameter for reference:

Capacity: 500g/hour;
Concentration: 0.8% Sodium Hypochlorite;
Anode: Ruthenium oxide coated titanium anode
Cathode: titanium cathode;
Housing: transparent acrylic;
Operating life: 3 years;

As one of the top titanium electrolyzer and titanium electrode manufacturer in China, UTron has full range of production line; their products have been exported to more than 62 countries in the world.

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