Electrolizador de titanio 1000g/h para tratamiento de aguas residuales

Titanium Electrolyzer 1000g/h for Sewage Treatment

Sodium hypochlorite generation equipment is efficient for cooling process water, sewage treatment, disinfection, power plant and other applications. Electrolyzer is a key part for sodium hypochlorite generation equipment. UTron provided titanium electrolyzer 1000g/h to its Brazil clients for for sodium hypochlorite generation equipment which is used for sewage treatment application. Below is some parameter for reference:

Capacity: 1000g/hour;
Concentration: 3%;
Electrodes: ruthenium oxide coated titanium anode and titanium cathode;
Housing: transparent acrylic;
Service life: 5 years;

UTron is one of the leading manufacturers of titanium electrolyzer and titanium electrode in China. With over 14 year’s production experience, their products are of high quality.

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