Ánodo de titanio platinzado para chapado en plata en Singapur

Platinzed Titanium Anode for Silver Plating in Singapore

Platinized titanium anodes have been used as insoluble anodes in electroplating for many years, it reduces or eliminates of secondary processes, such as grinding, and has long operating life, and very low maintenance compared with the traditional lead anode. The geometry of platinized titanium anodes remains constant over time, allowing consistent optimized plating results and increasing the bath life. UTron provided platinzed titanium anode for silver plating to  their clients in Singapore. Below is some parameters for reference:
Coating: Pure platinum;
Coating thickness: 20 microns;
Coating area: As per the drawing; 
Shape: Mesh; 
Service life: 3- 5 years; 
Application: Silver plating;
Export country: Singapore.

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