Malla de ánodo de titanio chapado en platino para baño de baño de baño de rodio

Platinum Plated Titanium Anode Mesh for Rhodium Plating Bath

Platinized titanium anode has been widely used for rhodium or palladium plating bath for high corrosion resistance and excellent conductive character.
UTron had offered platinum plated titanium anode mesh for rhodium plating bath to their Indonesia customer. Below is some parameter for reference:

Anode Substrate: Titanium;
Anode Coating: Platinum;
Coating Thickness: 2.5 micron;
Shape: Mesh;
Dimension: 100x100mm;
Application: Rhodium Plating Bath;
Export Country: Indonesia.

UTron is a leading platinized titanium anode supplier in China; it has produced coated titanium anodes for over 15 years. With expert engineers and rich solution experiences, it can custom the MMO coating, service life, dimension etc. Welcome to contact an expert engineer.

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