Electrolizador de titanio 300g/h para electrocloración

Titanium Electrolyzer 300g/h for Electrochlorination
An electrolyzer is the key component in electrochlorination system; it is the place in which salt, water and power are combined to produce sodium hypochlorite. UTron had provided 300g per hour capacity titanium electrolyzer to its Viet Nam Clients for water plant electrochlorination application. Below is some parameter for reference.
Capacity: 300g/hour;  
Concentration: 3%sodium chloride solution;
Current density: ≤1200A/m2;
Electrodes: ruthenium oxide coated titanium anode and titanium cathode;
Housing: transparent acrylic;
Service Life: 3 years;
Application: electrochlorination.

UTron is a leading manufacturer of titanium electrodes and titanium electrolyzer, their products have been widely used in water treatment, plating, electro-winning, cathodic protection and other fields. Thanks to their professional technical team and workers, their products are enjoying well reputation among clients world widely.

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