Electrolizador de cloruro de sodio para electroclorador

Sodium Chloride Electrolyzer for Electro-chlorinator

Seawater electro-chlorinator is an efficient way for biofouling control; UTron has provided some sodium chloride titanium electrolyzer for electro-chlorinator to its Canada Customer. Below are some parameters for reference: Generation capacity: 1000g/hour;
Concentration: 8000 ppm;
Electrode material: Titanium in Grade 1;
Coating: MMO;
Coating area: both sides;
Housing: transparent acrylic;
Operating life: 3 years;
Application: Electro-chlorinator.

UTron is a professional titanium electrolyzer, they can produce electrolyzer capacity ranged from 50g/h to 25000g/h. They have professional engineer teams, operating life, size, coating are customizable. 


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