Electrolizador de titanio para producir hipoclorito de sodio para centrales eléctricas

Titanium Electrolyzer to Producing Sodium Hypochlorite for Power Plant

Sodium hypochlorite in power stations can prevents fouling of the mechanical equipment, such as the seawater circulating pumps, bar screens and drum screens of the power plant. UTron has provided titanium electrolyzers to their Japan clients for power plant. Below is some parameter for reference: Electrode Material: Titanium (ASTM B251 Grade 1);
Electrode Coating: iridium oxide and ruthenium oxide;
Coating Thickness: 10μ;
Plate Dimension: 193x100x1.5mm;
Electrode Gap: 2.8mm;
Housing: PVC
Application: Power plant

UTron is one of the top titanium electrolyzer manufacturers in China. They have expert technical team who can custom titanium electrode coating, operation life and dimension. 


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