Ánodo tubular MMO recubierto de IrO2 Ta2O5 de 1000 mm de longitud

IrO2 Ta2O5 Coated MMO Tubular Anode 1000mm in Length
MMO tubular anodes have been proven to have a good performance within the design life in ground beds cathodic protection for the sake of large surface area and the anode cable connection method.UTron has offered IrO2 Ta2O5 coated MMO tubular anode 1000mm in length to its clients from the United Kingdom. Below is some parameter for reference.
Substrate of anode material: Titanium ASTM B338 Grade 1;
Coating: IrO2/Ta2O5;
Diameter: 25mm;
Length: 1000mm;
Wall Thickness: 0.90mm;
Output Current (Typical): 8A;
Cable: PVDF;
Cable length: 80m
Operating Life: 20 Years;
Application: Cathodic protection;
Export Country: The United Kingdom.

UTron is a professional titanium electrodes manufacturer with over 30 year’s technical background. With expert engineers and skillful workers, their products are enjoying good reputation among clients over 62 countries.


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