Ánodos tubulares de óxido metálico mixto con cables HMWPE

Mixed Metal Oxide Tubular Anodes with HMWPE Cables
MMO tubular anode is an excellent choice for cathodic protection due to its good electrical connectivity and light weight character. UTron has provided mixed metal oxide tubular anode with HMWPE cables to its Saudi Arabia clients. Below is the parameter for reference:

Substrate: Titanium (ASTMB338 in Grade 1 or 2);
Coating: IrO2 TaO5;
Dimension: Dia1 inch, length 60inch;
Output per anode: 8-12 Amps;
Operating life: 20 years;
Cable: HMWPE;
Cable connection: Centrally connected with less than 0.001 Ohm resistance;
Application: Pipeline cathodic protection.
Export country: Saudi Arabia.

UTron has dedicated in MMO anodes for over 14 years, their MMO tubular anodes, MMO ribbon anodes, MMO canister anodes, MMO Ti linear anodes etc. have been exported to Middle East countries, America, Europe and other countries for many years. Their clients have been cooperated decades and keep good relationship.

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