Ánodos tubulares de óxido metálico mixto de 1500 mm de largo con cable KYMAR

Mixed Metal Oxide Tubular Anodes 1500mm Long with KYMAR Cable
Ánodo tubular MMOis featured in high current output, dimensionally stable, durable and light weight. It is widely applied in ground bed cathodic protection field.
UTron have provided mixed metal oxide tubular anodes 1500mm long with KYMAR cable to its Jordan clients. Below is some parameter for reference.

Material: Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium;
Current Output: 98 A;
Tubular Diameter: 40mm;
Length: 1500mm;
Cable: KYMAR Steel Wire Armored Copper Cable;
Operating Life: 20 years;
Application: Cathodic Protection;
Export Country: Jordan.

UTron has over decade’s experiences in MMO tubular production, they have expert engineer team which can customize the length, output current, service life, MMO coating to your specific requirement.


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