Ánodos tubulares MMO Diámetro 1 pulgada Longitud 60 pulgadas

MMO Tubular Anodes Dia 1 inch Length 60 inch
MMO tubular anode can be operated in fresh water, seawater, soil or mud and the MMO coatings are extremely stable. It is of high current output and low electrical resistance, adopting tubular anodes can save 15-35% of install cost comparing to use other anodes.UTron have provided MMO tubular anodes dia 1 inch length 60 inch for its Pakistan’s cathodic protection projects. Below is some parameter for reference.

Substrate: Titanium (ASTM B338 Grade 1 to 2);
Catalytic Coating: Combination of IrO₂/ Ta₂O₅;
Dimensions: Outer Dia 1 inch Length 60 inch;
Required Output per Anode: 8- 12 Amps;  
Cable: Insulation: Outer Jacket HMWPE (ASTM D1248 Type 1) Inner Sheath: PVDF; 
Cable length: 92 Meter;
Service life: Minimum 20 years;
Application: Pipeline cathodic protection;
Export Country: Pakistan.

UTron has strict Quality Control system for all its products; they have over 14 years production experience. They have complete product line for MMO anodes, titanium electrodes, platinized titanium anodes. The products have been exported to 62 countries in the worlds and enjoying good reputation.


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