Ánodos tubulares MMO 25.4mmx1220mm 3.5A

MMO Tubular Anodes 25.4mmx1220mm 3.5A
MMO tubular anode is one of the most popular ICCP anodes in cathodic protection field. It can be used in soil, fresh water, brackish water and sea water.UTron had provided MMO tubular anodes 25.4mmx1220mm 3.5A to their Indonesia.Below is some parameter for reference:
Anodes Diameter: 25 mm;
Length: 1000mm;
Wall Thickness 0.90mm;
Current Output: 8A;
Type of connection cable: PVDF/HMWPE;
Environment: Soil;
Operating Life: 20 years;
Application: Cathodic Protection;
Export Country: Indonesia.

The MMO tubular anode provided by UTron is of high quality, they are in accordance with NACE Standard TM0108. With professional engineers, UTron can customize the size, life and current rating and the MMO coating thickness to your specific needs.


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