Varilla de electrodo de titanio recubierta de tantalio de iridio para níquel de electroobtención

Iridium Tantalum Coated Titanium Electrode Rod for Electrowinning Nickel

Electrowinning is an ideal process to recover pure metals from complex, mixed metal feeds.It is widely used in recycling of non-ferrous metals field for the character of without losing any of non-ferrous metal. UTron had offered iridium tantalum coated titanium electrode rod for electrowinning nickel to their Argentina customer.Below is some parameter for reference:

Recubrimiento del electrodo: óxido de iridio y tantalio;

Dimension: As per drawing;
Service Life: 2 years;
Application: Metal electrowinning;
Exported Country: Argentina.

UTron is a certified coated titanium electrodes factory with over 14 years production experience. With excellent and experienced engineers, they can customize the electrode service life and electrolysis efficiency. UTron can offer the pre and after sale technical assistance, engineering solutions suggestions. 


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