Electrodo de titanio recubierto de iridio y tantalio para planta de electroobtención de cobalto

Iridium Tantalum  Coated Titanium Electrode for Cobalt Electrowinning Plant

Traditional lead or cold rolled lead anodes is used for metal electrowinning operation, but it costs for lead sludge cleaning and the working condition is not good for health. Titanium substrate coated with iridium tantalum or ruthenium iridium become more popular in metal electrowinning because it can increase the cathode product purity and lead free. UTron had provided iridium tantalum coated titanium electrode for cobalt electrowinning plant to their France customer.Below is some parameter for reference:

Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Iridium tantalum oxide;
Anode Shape: Plate;
Dimension: As per the drawing;
Service life: 3 years;
Application: Cobalt electrowinning;
Current Density: 450-700A/m2;
Exported Country: France.

UTron is a certified MMO coated titanium electrode factory with over 14 years production experience and 30 years technical background. They can customize the MMO coating, current output and service life to meet customer’s specific requirement. Any queries, please feel free to contact us.

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