Ánodos de placa de titanio con recubrimiento de iridio MMO con barra colgante revestida de cobre

Iridium MMO Coating Titanium Plate Anodes with Copper Clad Hanging Bar

Mixed metal oxide coated titanium anode for electrochemical reaction is used in various electric industries such as electroplating, non-degradable wastewater treatment, seawater purification, catalyst electrode of fuel cell. UTron had offered iridium MMO coating titanium plate anodes with copper clad hanging bar to their customer from Sweden. Below is some parameters for reference:
Anode Material: Titanium according to ASTM B265 Grade 2;
Anode Coating: Mixed metal oxide;
Coating Thickness: 5 Micron;
Coating Area: On both sides except the contact area;
Dimension: Per the drawing;
Service Life: 5 Years;
Application: Acid Cu plating;
Export Country: Sweden.

UTron is specialized in titanium electrode production since 2006, they have rich production and solution experience. With expert engineers and complete quality control system, their products are proven of high quality. For past decades, their products have been exported to 62 countries in the world and enjoyed a good reputation among clients. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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