Varilla de ánodo recubierta de óxido de rutenio a base de titanio DSA para celda de electroobtención de cobre

DSA Titanium Based Ruthenium Oxide Coated Anode Rod for Copper Electrowinning Cell

Titanium base coated with a layer of mixed metal oxide such as ruthenium iridium,iridium tantalum or other noble metal oxide have been widely applied in electrowinning industry because it shows better catalytic activity and durability comparing with lead and graphite anode. UTron had provided DSA titanium based ruthenium oxide coated anode rod for copper electrowinning cell to their clients who are from Kazakhstan. Below is some parameter for reference:

Electrode Material: Titanium;
Coating: Ruthenium oxide;
Coating Thickness: 12 Micron;  
Electrode Shape: Rod;
Dimension: As per the drawing;
Current Density: 160A/m2;
Solution: H2SO4;
Exported Country: Kazakhstan.

UTron is a certified coated titanium electrode manufacturer with over 14 years production experience. They are capable of provide engineer solution service, titanium electrode production and coating refurbishment service. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact  us.

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