Electrodos de titanio recubiertos para sistemas de generación de hipoclorito de sodio

Coated Titanium Electrodes for Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Systems
Titanium electrolysis cell is vital part for sodium hypochlorite generating systems. UTron had provided coated titanium electrode plates to their Ukraine client for sodium hypochlorite generating systems. Below is some parameter for reference.
Production capacity: 200g/hour;
Concentration: 5%;
Substrate Material: Titanium plate in Grade2;
Coating: RuO + IrO;
Current Density: 1300A/m2;
Application: water treatment;

UTron has dedicated in titanium electrodes manufacturing for 14 years, their products have been exported to more than 62 countries. Thanks to their professional quality and considerate service, they are enjoying well reputation among customers.

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