Electrodo de titanio recubierto de iridio rutenio 12000 horas para celda de sal de piscina

Iridium Ruthenium Coated Titanium Electrode 12000 Hours for Swimming Pool Salt Cell
A pool electrochlor consists of a power pack and salt cell to generate chlorine through electrolysis. The salt cell is made up of titanium anode and cathode with or without polarity reverse function. UTron had provided iridium ruthenium coated titanium electrode for swimming pool salt cell to their Australia customer. Below is some parameter for reference:
Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Iridium ruthenium;
Coating Area: Both sides;
Dimension: 70mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 1.0mm (T);
Life Span: 12000 Hours;
Application: Swimming pool chlorinator;
Export Country: Australia.

UTron is one of the leading titanium electrodes manufacturers in China. It has expert engineer teams and skilful workers, they can custom MMO coating, electrode shape, dimension etc. Their products have been exported to over 62 countries and proven high quality, since founded in 2006. Welcome to contact for details.


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