Celda de sal 25gh para reemplazo del clorador de la piscina

Salt Cell 25gh for Pool Chlorinator Replacement

A pool chlorinator cell produces chlorine, but scale develops on the metallic grids and it decrease cell performance. Too frequent or improper cleaning will shorten cell life, generally a well maintained cell will last 3–7 years. UTron had manufactured salt cell 25g/h for pool chlorinator replacement to their Spain clients. Below is some parameter for reference.

Chlorine Production Rate: 25g/h;
Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Ruthenium iridium;
Shape: Solid Plate;
Number of Plates: 7;
Plate Dimension: 130x60x1mm;
Current Output: 14A;
Operating Life: 10000Hours;
Application: Salt cell replacement;
Export Country: Span.

UTron is one of the leading titanium salt cell manufacturers in China. With over 14 years production experience and expert engineer team, they can customize the coating, operating life, dimension, and output current of titanium cells or titanium electrodes to meet clients’ special needs. They provide new salt cell the cell refurbishment service. Welcome to contact us.

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