Placas de titanio recubiertas de rutenio iridio 970x220x1 mm para clorador de agua salada de piscina

Ruthenium Iridium Coated Titanium Plates 970x220x1 mm for Pool Salt Water Chlorinator
The salt cell of a pool chlorinator generally consists of a series of electrodes with opposite charges. These electrodes are usually constructed from the highly corrosion resistant material titanium, 90% of coatings contain the platinum metals group, mainly ruthenium oxide iridium. The composition of this coating plays a major role in both the chlorine producing efficiency of the cell and its life expectancy. UTron had provided ruthenium iridium coated titanium plates 970x220x1 mm for pool salt water chlorinator to their France customer. Below is some parameter for reference:

Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Ruthenium iridium;
Coating Area: Both side;
Dimension: 970x220x1 mm;
Operating Life: 10000 hours;
Application: Salt pool chlorinator;
Export Country: France.

UTron is a professional titanium electrode manufacturer with over 14 year production experience. Thanks to their expert engineer team, they can customize the dimension, operating life, coating of titanium plates to meet your specific pool chlorinator brand.


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