Electrodo de titanio recubierto de Ru Ir para sistema de electrocloración

Ru Ir Coated Titanium Electrode for Electro Chlorination System
Electro chlorination systems are used to generate sodium hypochlorite for biofouling control as well as for disinfection, bleaching, and deodorizing purposes. It contains an electrolysis cell which is in a vertical transparent PVC pipe for easy process monitoring and visual electrode check. Electrodes are made of titanium carrier material with a very durable catalytic metallic oxide coating, generally ruthenium iridium coating. Electro chlorination systems have demonstrated reliable, economic solution for industrial biofouling control. UTron had provided ruthenium Iridium coated titanium electrodes to their USA clients for electro chlorination system. Below are some parameters for reference:

Substrate: Titanium in Grade 1;
Coating: Ru Ir;
Coating Thickness (μm): 15μm;
Shape: Plate;
Plate Dimension: 170x330x70mm
Distance between plates: 3mm;
Current Density: 1450A/m2;
Operating Life: 5 years.

UTron has manufactured titanium electrodes for 14 years; they have professional engineer team for design, RD and production. Their products have been exported to USA, France, Japan, Brazil and other 62 countries.


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