Ánodos de titanio recubiertos de platino para ionizadores con 10000 horas de vida útil

Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes for Ionizers with 10000 Hours Life

Platinum coated titanium anode is proven safe and efficient for water ionizer electrolysis, since titanium is a corrosion resistance mater and easy to change the polarity. UTron has provided platinum coated titanium anodes for ionizer with 10000 hours life for their Canada customer. Below is some parameter for reference.
Electrode Substrate: Titanium in Grade 1;
Electrode Coating: Platinum;
Coating Thickness: 2.5Microns;
Coating Area: Both sides include the tail;
Size: 20x150mm
Operating Life: 10000+ hours;
Application: Water ionizer;
Export Country: Canada.

The platinum coated titanium anode provided by UTron is manufactured by plating process and then baked to ensure the coating is smoothly and evenly across the entire electrodes. It has longer operating life and excellent performance commented by clients. UTron has professional engineers; they customize the coating, service life as per clients’ specific needs. Welcome to contact us.

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