Ánodo de placa de titanio con recubrimiento de rutenio iridio para proceso de oxidación avanzado

Ruthenium Iridium Coating Titanium Plate Anode for Advanced Oxidation Process
Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) have demonstrated remarkable aptitude in water purification and wastewater treatment, containing naturally occurring toxins, organic, and inorganic contaminants.Titanium electrodes coated with ruthenium oxide or iridium oxide approved to enhance the oxidation and it has been widely applied.UTron had offered ruthenium iridium coating titanium plate anode for advanced oxidation process to their customer from Singapore for water treatment. Below is some parameter for reference:

Anode Material: Titanium;
Coating: Ruthenium iridium oxide;
Coating Area: Both sides;
Shape: Plate;
Dimension: 1100 x 405 x 5mm;
Operating Life: 3 years;
Application: Electrochemical oxidation processes;
Export Country: Singapore.

UTron is a certified MMO anode manufacturer with over 14 years production experience. They have expert engineers and skillful workers, their products have been exported to 62 countries in the whole world and enjoying good reputation among their clients. Feel free to contact them for any queries.

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