Ánodo de titanio en generador de hipoclorito de sodio para aplicaciones de tratamiento de agua

Titanium Anode in Sodium Hypochlorite Generator for Water Treatment Application
Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is used for disinfection in remote rural areas. UTron has provided titanium anodes in sodium hypochlorite generator for water disinfection treatment applications to its Indonesia customers.

Below is some parameter for reference.
Generation Capacity: 1.25 Kg/hour;
Current Density: 1200 A/m2;
Concentration: 2.5%;
Temperature: 45 degree;
Electrode Material: Titanium in Grade 2;
Electrode Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide;
Operation Life: 3 years;
Application: Rural area water disinfection;
Export Country: Indonesia.

UTron has manufactured titanium anode for more than 14years, it is one of the top supplier in China. Their products have exported to 62 countries in the world. With expert engineers and skilful workers, their products are enjoying good feedback from clients. Welcome to contact us.


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